Meet Mark Leong

Mark Leong is recognized as Asia’s first juice guru and certified practitioner on how to reverse lifestyle diseases through juicing that is backed by science.

Mark’s Juicing for Weight Loss Programs and his DIY Juice Cleanse Singapore Workshops has been a huge success in helping people to achieve their health goals and at the same time reverse lifestyle diseases and get off medication.

In creating Global Awareness on the importance of eating the right foods, he made a video 'Cheap, Fast & Fake' which went viral with more than 1 Million views in just 2 weeks along with his own Programme called 'The Juicy Show' in exposing Truths and Myths about Food.

How to lose weight healthily Singapore


Flabby to Fitty
In 23 Days

Want to lose weight in a healthy way while still being able to eat your favourite foods? More than 1000 of our revival members has walked out disease free, medicine free, weight loss(one of them achieved 30kg) after getting on this challenge.

This is not your typical program/challenge that is going to make you starve and eat what we called “Rabbit Food” Salad every other day and run 10 km every single day. Instead, we’re going to let you discover how you can achieve that with our #1 secret which we dare to say NO OTHERS have this in the market(not a believer? See what over 1000’s of our members have achieved.

I Accept This Challenge!

Flabby to Fitty
In 23 Days Book

Mark’s personal Journey from being overweight, depressed… & having stroke at young age. Discover how he reversed it all and how he has helped 3 amazing individuals in their 30’s,40’s & even 60’s lose weight & achieving amazing results!

In this book it not only teaches you to achieve weight loss fast and reset your health naturally in 23 days, being able to enjoy food without the need to starve yourself. The secret formula to drink juices without affecting your sugar levels and waistline that consists of Over 50 REAL & Delicious DIY Juicing Recipes for Health to remove toxins from your body. *Warning side effects of kowing this secret: Have more energy, improve your skin and feel great in 23 days by incorporating a juice diet.

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People say I look younger than my age now, my face have become sharper and sharper these past few weeks and my double chin disappeared! - Jessica

I'm glad that my tastebud have upgraded to a finer taste. Things that are salty or sweet taste bad to me, that's really good for my body - Catherine

I'm really happy I chanced upon Farmz, this is the best part of my health journey. Even my relationship have been improved with my daughter because of this - Janice