Weight Loss Motivation

Keep Blaming Yourself For Not Achieving Your Health Goal?


Weight loss is not only a physical activity, but it involves psychology factors as well. It can be even better if you keep an eye on your health goals always. Sometimes it can get to your brain that you work really hard but still couldn’t get the desired results, and you start questioning yourself “is there something wrong with my body?” Thoughts like this happen when you are following a proper weight loss diet plan, working out hard in the gym and lift a few weight gaining pieces of equipment, and still not getting the results that you want. At this moment, you start blaming yourself that you are not able to achieve your weight loss goal and you want to give up.

If you’re thinking about it, pause and continue reading about some easy and straightforward to achieve things you can work on to get your desired weight loss results. It is not hard to remove those psychological barriers that are causing a lack of motivation. You can help yourself by placing your courage higher and keep motivating yourself.

Here are a few simple ways you can follow

  • Don’t stop eating unhealthy food altogether but in moderation until you can stop eating them
  • Encourage yourself more by reading positive quotes
  • Refocus on your goals and review them frequently
  • Don’t choose a miserable diet plan
  • Set realistic weight loss goals based on your BMI and check your calories and weight daily
  • Meditate for 5-10 mins if you are feeling stress 
  • Improve your mental health by watching motivational videos
  • Taking regular hours of a sound sleep at least 7-9 hours.


Start encouraging yourself by replacing negative phrases such as “I can’t” to “I can do it”. Keep track of what you eat by taking a healthy weight loss meal plan, and try out the new exercises like yoga or running.

It is essential to be consistent and motivated if you want to have a healthy and well-toned body. You must find your own best motivational source that helps you throughout your journey. Start practising meditation if you haven’t and enjoy your own company. Celebrate little success to keep moving on in the long-run. Find the right routine or a friendly and motivational trainer to help you in achieving your weight loss goals.


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