Read This BEFORE You Eat ‘Impossible Burgers’!

Beyond Meat

What is it made of?

Beyond meat has been in business since 2009 now, which is a quite a long time, serving as a certified vegan meat brand offering meat substitutes like burger patties and sausages. 

It consists of a blend of pea, mung bean, rice proteins, canola, and coconut oil. A generous amount of beet juice extract in its makeup gives the “meat” its pink hue.


  • It is completely Vegan
  • The protein present in this meat is derived from organic sources and is extremely healthy & reliable 
  • It is more environment-friendly in contrast to real meat 
  • Beyond meat uses pea protein isolate which is more easily digestible than soy protein 
  • It is low on saturated fat content compared to its competitors. In other words, you’ll be consuming healthy fats which wont settle into your body and misshapen it. 


  • The flavor of different veg proteins is more apparent due to the excessive content 
  • Beyond meat is spongier, fluffier, and may not give the same flavor, texture, or feel as real meat. 
  • It lacks the juiciness and consistency of texture of real meat
  • One of the major constituents of Beyond Meat is coconut oil, which is high is saturated fat. 

One serving: 30% daily recommended intake

Impossible Meat

What is it made of?

Impossible Meat came into being with a clear intension to reduce animal agriculture by providing a delicious, plant-based substitute. The core mission of this company is to lessen humans’ reliance on livestock and opt for better, more sustainable and environment-friendly options.

A perfect blend of soy and potato protein forms the base of Impossible Meat.  It is mixed with sunflower oil, yeast extract, and salt to enhance the flavor, texture, appearance, and nutritive qualities of the meat. 

The striking feature of Impossible Meat is its heme content. Heme is nothing but an iron ion present in all living things which gives it a meaty flavor, and is derived from fermented soy beans. Low levels of iron can cause muscle fatigue and loss of immunity. Incorporating heme in the meat is one of the small steps to ensure iron supplementation in the body through diet. 


  • Impossible meat is juicier and pinker with a soft core that can easily be mistaken for real beef
  • The flavor is excellently masked and does not give away the veg components 
  • It tastes much better than other veg meats in the market 
  • Heme in this meat is more readily absorbed in the body as against non-heme iron sources like vegetables. Natural sources of heme include red meat, shellfish, and liver
  • Impossible Meat is more comparable to real meat in taste and appearance since it is coupled with similar properties of meat on the grill


  • Animal cruelty:

Impossible Meat runs its core testing on animals. They work on rats to ensure optimal sensory experience for meat lovers. This includes Feeding Soy leghemoglobin to rats followed by killing and cutting them up to understand how the ‘meat’ worked.

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