Frequently asked questions

Is this suitable for me?

Depends on your goals. We’ve helped people from all walks of life. Be it beauty, losing weight, reversing lifestyle diseases, gaining energy. If you want a personal consultation, select this here (SCHEDULE). – go on it’s completely free.

I have a different condition, what should I do?

You may simply schedule a non obligatory free consultation and our nutritionist will understand you first in deciding how we are able to help you.

No More MEAT?!

We don’t advocate not eating meat at all! It’s called, striking a balance and using our 80/20 rule. 80% Vegetables and 20% fruits.

My Goal is weight loss how much will I be expected to shed?

It depends on individual, we have students losing from 3 all the way to 30 kg in our 23 days program. Having seen over 1000 of our students, we’ ve seen people who are generally larger or obese will lose more weight and faster. Guys especially lose much faster because of their natural high metabolic rate. Other than that, in the worst case scenario you will lose at least 3 kg guaranteed and this is not only water weight, but sustainable healthy weight.

Do I need to eat only salad?

No you don’t. You still can eat meat on certain phases during the 23 days, however we do advise to eat REAL food instead of processed food and some examples are hot dogs, sausages, canned food. Please eat REAL meat instead and avoid fried stuff.

Who is this program for?

Having successfully helped over a thousand people, not only are they able to lose weight, many of them have reversed lifestyle disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and some has even got off medication. A little disclaimer here - It differs from person to person so please write in to us to let us know.