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How To Preserve Your Apples Longer

Prevent Green Apples From Turning Brown Longer

Hey Juicy Juicers! This video shows you easy way you can store and preserve your apples for a much longer time for your consumption and prevent them from turning brown longer.

Boom! This is Mark Leong here once again, your Asia’s Juice Guru, a very good Sunday to all of you guys now. I just want to quickly share a few of these tips if you’re watching me right now, and I hope you have already taken your lunch. If you have not, after this better to go and grab your lunch right now. By the way, how’s your Sunday, everyone? I hope that Sunday’s been great. Let me know if you’re taking your lunch. If you are, type in, “Yes.”, so that I can know that you can hear me clearly.

So now, the tip that I want to share with you one of the most important questions that I get a lot from many people is this. Mark, how can I stop my apples from turning brown fast? This is especially after you have already sliced or cut your apples.

So we did a minute or two. This apple is going to start to turn brown because it obviously, as you can see, in fact it is turning brown already. So now, one thing that I’ve been doing a lot is I add salt into filtered water. Now how much salt do I put in? It really depends. There’s not exactly any quantitative measurements. But for one to two apples, I usually take about one teaspoon of salt. So I’m just going to put in all my sliced apples into this water that is filled with salt. I’m just going to give it a good stir.

And then I’m just going to leave this for it to soak. How long? Probably about two to five minutes. That’s the longest that I’ve gone to. You don’t need to soak it for about 30 minutes or even one hour. No. Please don’t do that. So soak it for about two to five minutes, that is enough. So for busy people like most of you that are watching right now, you will not have that time to be slicing your apples every day. And in fact, I don’t slice my apples every day. So what do I do?

I will cutting all my apples. I will spend about 20 minutes maximum. That’s the most I can go for. I’ll be slicing a lot of apples. Get yourself any of the clean containers. It can be a glass containers, it can be a plastic containers. It doesn’t matter. So assume that these apples have been soaked already for five minutes. Now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to strain the water away, and then I’m just going to store my sliced apples into these containers.

I can see that actually, even as waiting a few minutes, the oxidization has stopped. It has slowed down. Now, after you have done this, cover it, refrigerate this. In fact, the maximum record that I have done this tests to see that the color of the apple did not turn brown is two days. That’s a long, long time, right? Two days. You can actually still make the apple fresh by storing it this method with the salt water for two days.

But of course, I’m not suggesting that you do this all the time. You only do this if you’re very, very busy. Now, there is another way that you can prevent it from turning brown. If you can’t get yourself any salt, or you just don’t want to go through your process of soaking it. That second tip that all of you can apply is you’ve got to grab this.

So look at this beautiful lemon here. So now what you do is that you’re just going to slice this lemon. I’m going to slice this lemon. And assuming that once I have really cut all my chunks of apples… They can be in this shape, they can be in any shape that you want to. And then what I’ll do is that I will just squeeze the lemon juice on top of the apple. It can be a red apple, it can be green apples, it can be any form of apples.

What I’ll do is I’ll squeeze it. And then, that’s it. If you are serving immediately to your guests on an open tray, open bowl, open plate, whatever it is that you want the apple to look fresh and beautiful, and you don’t want to soak it, lemon is the way to go to. So these are two tips that I want to share with all of you. I hope that you have benefited from it. I’m going to pop this apple now right away.

Amazing. So, one more last thing. So, after you have soaked in your water make sure you don’t rinse away the water. Some people out there, they soak it, they rinse it off. Oh my God, then it defeat the whole purposes that why turn brown. And they said, “Hey, Mark, why are my apples still turn brown?” Who asks you to rinse it. You’re not supposed to rinse it. Don’t worry about the salt. See how I’m eating and I don’t taste any of the saltiness.

So, don’t worry about that. One mouthful, I’ll continue. It’s how much I enjoy my apples. So, I hope this has been valuable for you, and I’ll be showing you more tips and more guidance for all of you guys out there. I hope you’re having an amazing week next week. Enjoy your Sunday. This is Mark Leong here once again, your Asia’s Guru and, boom!

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