The Perfect Breakfast For Good Natural RADIANT SKIN

The Perfect Breakfast for Radiant Skin

Ever wanted your skin to glow and shine perfectly while enjoying a great quick breakfast snack?
In this video we show you how to achieve that without spending a dime on expensive cosmetics and all the funky stuff.

Watch this and you will be amazed by the results!

Boom! This is Mark Leong here, your Asia’s Juice Guru, and welcome to this new episode of The Juicy Show. Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys on how to make the paradise bowl. And the paradise bowl is basically very, very good for all of you that are looking for a perfect breakfast to boost up your day. And especially for people that are going for a workout, okay? So this is very, very good and amazing breakfast, if you are looking for an energy booster. The ingredients involved for this recipe is only four ingredients. What are these four? This would be your acai berries. Go for the unflavored, unpasteurized acais, okay? Then pineapple, fresh ones. Kale, fresh organic kale. And of course to make the base tasty and delicious, which is going to give you the electrolytes that our body needs, will be your coconuts. This to keep is the flesh as well, so I go for fresh coconut.

Now, all you need is a blender, and I’m going to start by showing you guys how easy it is to make, okay? So first of all, put in your coconut water, but make sure that you are measuring about 250 ml of the coconut water. All right. So there is still some balance here. So one full coconut can actually allow you to make for about two PAX. So I’m not using them all because I’m just making it just beautiful for one person, okay? So next is to put in the coconut flesh. All right. Unless if you’re going to consume it on the same day then you put in the coconut flesh, but in fact I strongly, strongly encourage you guys to consume it within the first two to three hours, because otherwise your smoothie is going to taste horrible. All right.

The next thing I want you to add in is your acai, your frozen acai. Right, so I’m just going to take half cube or half piece of the entire frozen acai. Well, you guys can actually get it from your stores around you. It comes in a frozen form in this box. Okay, you can get it from a supermarket. Then what you need next to put in would be your pineapples. I’m having about one quarter of pineapple here, right? Or technically, it’s one full bowl of pineapple. That should give you that extra sweetness. Remember, it’s important to put in your vegetables as well. So I’m going to put in a handful of kale. That’s it. Okay.

So now we’re going to do the blending. Just make sure that the cover is properly closed. All right. All right. Here we go. If you want to make it Instaworthy, get yourself a beautiful bowl because the bowl makes the huge difference, all right? Here you go. I’m going to pour this out. Yeah, just nice for one complete serving, okay? And all you need to do is that if you still have a bit of time, I would strongly encourage you, add on those dry ingredients or fresh fruits on top of it, okay. This will give you extra nutrients. So usually what I do is I like to put a bit of granola on top because nuts are good for your heart. And then I will also be adding some of the naturally hydrated fruits to add some vibrant colors to it and of course a bit of taste to brighten up my day.

And here you are. This is your acai bowl; without dairy, without refined sugar, okay? It’s easy to make; as you can see it’s less than three minutes. Boom, you have yourself a perfect breakfast and after this you can go for a good workout before you hit the office. Check this out; your paradise bowl. I hope you enjoyed this simple, amazing breakfast recipe. Let me know how did it go for you, if you try it at home, yeah? And by the way, this is Mark Leong here, your Asia’s Juice Guru. Please subscribe to my channel at YouTube and Facebook if you would love to have more of this amazing recipes to fit your daily lifestyle for a healthier life.

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