2020 – What Are You Going To Do About It?

2020 Mark Leong Asia Juice Guru


Watch & share this video with someone so they can have a GREAT closure this year.How has your 2019 been so far? Have you achieved the things that you set to do? Now we are just two and a half months away before we go into a new year, 2020. A year that most people have been looking forward to. But more importantly is this, again, how many things have you achieve? It doesn’t have to be a lot. The only question is, have you even achieve at least one thing?

I remember when I came to this playground. I used to be at this height and look at me right now. I want to share a few that time really flies, and it goes by so fast. And if sometimes you forget to take a step back, pause and look at it, you will miss so many things. And he will just continue to go on, and go on, and go on.

The question that I also have for you is, are you living going through motion every day? Or are you making the best out of each day? Because if you are just living through motion, you might want to start to relook into your life because you only have one shot. And every moment that has passed, you can never get it back.

Now, I want to share with you three very important tips on what and how you can do better. To improve this remaining two and a half months before the 2019 ends. And more importantly, these are the tips that will also set you for an amazing, brand new year.

Tip number one. Reflect. It’s always really important from time to time to take the step back. More importantly is find time now. After this video, take a few minutes, reflect. What have you accomplish? What have you achieve? What have you not achieve? And what can you do better? Write that down on a piece of paper, put aside your phones. Instead of doing digital, just write it down, right? And this is something that you need to recognize. This is not for you to declare to the world, but this is for you. Be truthful when you do this reflection exercise, because this is like a health check. This will tell you exactly where you are. This is a compass for you.

Tip number two. Reset. It’s really important that you put all those things that you didn’t do well in the past. Give yourself a fresh start, right? Taking this opportunity to reset everything, considering it as a start. Because each day is a fresh start. What do you do? Find yourself some me time away from the people that you commonly hang out with. Your family members, your friends, your colleagues, get away from them. Get away from the usual place that you’ve been hanging out with. Or no, hanging out at. Just get out of that place. Go to a new place, even if it’s for one day or even it’s for a few days, right? Just go, okay. Look at all those things that you can improve, right? Set those in writing. This is something that’s going to make you stronger. This is the things that are going to make you better.

Don’t dwell on the things that, “Ah, I could have done this better. I’m so disappointed myself.” Don’t. Reset your mindset. Reset that these are all your learning curves. These are the things of improvements that will make you a better person as you go into 2020. And these few months is just the foundation month for you to lay all those brick and mortars if you’re building a home.

Number three. Refresh. Now, it doesn’t matter how much information you have, how much knowledge you have. What are the things that you have listed down from tip one and tip two? Because end of the day, if you do not have energy, you can’t carry out all those things that you set to do. One of the most important thing in tip three is refresh yourself, right?

Go out. Get yourself some energy by exercising, by eating right, by doing a detox, because this is the last mile. This is the last few more months before the year closes and it becomes history, right? This is the last lap. Give it your best, give it all you have. Don’t care what the hell others say about it. I know some people say, “Just a few more months, it’s okay.” Don’t give a shit about what people say. It’s what matters most to you. Okay? Make the best out of this two and a half months, or this remaining two months that you have been given. And you can still achieve amazing things in this balance of the months before the year ends. All right?

This is Mark Leong here. Once again, eat right, live right. And I trust you’re going to have an amazing, fabulous 2019 and amazing 2020 year ahead. Share this video if you want someone else to have an amazing remaining 2019.

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