Are ‘You’ Full Of Sh*t?

Are Your Full Of Sh*t?

Find out in this video on what you have been consuming for the past years and find out what you have been putting in your body.

Now, are you suffering from bad breath, loss of weight, no appetite, technically you have bad skin? If you are, then you are full of shit and you got to watch this video right now. Boom, this is Mark Leong here. Now most health experts always tell us to focus on only what we eat. Well, I tell you that’s rubbish advice. It’s not only about what you eat to be healthy, it’s also very important if you are constipated, you got to clear that. Because for me, it’s always about the input and the output, right? So tip number one that I want to share with you, which is one of the most important tip is this, you got to drink sufficient amount of water each day. Minimum, you’ve got to at least drink two liters of water. Can I have a bottle of water? Thank you. So this is tip number one.

Now, tip number two. It’s important to have enough of fiber. So what are the fibrous fruits? These are all your fibrous fruits. And if you can’t have enough of fiber, the other way is to drink at least 500 ml of juice; green juice only. And more importantly, this is good shit. Tip number three, probiotics, because it’s important there is good bacteria in your gut. So some of the examples of probiotics will be yogurt, your kimchi, your sauerkraut, your dark chocolate 90%. And here I have with me Kombucha. All right. And cheers.

So those are the three amazing juicy tips to a fabulous you, especially if you are full of shit. And please tag a family or a friend in this video, if you feel that they are full of shit and they got to benefit from these three benefits that I’ve just shared. Now this is Mark Leong here, your Asia’s Juice Guru. Subscribe to my channel if you want more three amazing tips to a fabulous you. Once again, happy booming and boom.

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