The Busiest Place On Planet Earth & Why It Is Sad

Busiest Place On Earth

Where do you think the busiest place on earth is? Is it the shopping malls? Is it the busy cities? You will be shocked where is actually is and the truth is sad.

A friend of mine asked me, “What is the busiest place in the country I live in?” It’s not the farms. It’s not the museum. It’s not the shopping malls. I said to him, “In fact, it’s the hospitals.” It’s one of the busiest place around the world. Every year, new hospitals are being built. Existing hospitals just gets bigger simply because more people are suffering from health issues. Governments in most countries continue to focus on funding sick care instead of funding food care. Many say with modern science now allows people to live longer, confusing themselves with the fact that we are actually dying longer. We keep complaining real food planted by hard working farmers are expensive, even when it’s doing good for our body, but we hardly complain drugs prescribed by doctors are expensive.

Most of us grew up thinking that answers to our health lies with a pill, ignoring the fact that it only treats the symptoms with side effects while not addressing the root cause. We love to bargain at wet markets to save a few dollars from people trying to make ends meet, but we never bargain when it comes to pharmaceutical companies or hospitals making trillions from us. We are so brainwashed to do the complete opposite where we take supplements to nourish our bodies instead of food that nourishes the body. We are so busy every day looking at how others live their lives through the lens of our social media questioning what’s right instead of taking a step back to look at what’s wrong with our food education and system.

We spend most of our lifetime building wealth with the hopes of using it to enjoy life, but we end up using wealth for health at our prime age. Imagine a world where the busiest place are national parks, beaches or mountains filled with people of all ages instead of them filling up hospitals. I hope this one day will come true. Spend your days traveling the world, not traveling hospital beds. Start eating right and start living right.

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