Weight Loss Tips

7 Days Fast And Delicious Weight Loss Meal Plan


The Top 4 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight:


1. Not Drinking Enough Water: (Mark's water video & explanation)

2. Your Internal systems are not cleared: (Fishbowl analogy)

3. The Kinds Of Food You Eat & Why It's Not Your Fault:


4. "Healthy Food" Can Be Highly Processed.

With the evolution of food, more foods are pre-packed and sold at the cost of convenience, people are spoiled with lots of choices of highly processed foods like hamburgers, canned foods, highly processed sugary bottled drinks,Packet food & ‘Healthy’ drinks are not that healthy anymore with highly processed chemical introduced in it.Green vegetables are sprayed with chemicals to withstand the long transport time when being shipped to us and being consumed by people like me and you with no knowledge of it at all. Having said all that, this ultimately might lead to the many common health-related diseases.

The Top 7 Things Alternatives To See Results:


1. Mark's Plate:

Lazy to keep track of what you are eating? Follow this easy guide by Mark:


2. Love Coffee? Here's An Alternative!

We’ve heard a lot about the beneficial effects of caffeine on our overall health, especially with regards to weight loss and many sources are saying that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee - without caffeinated or decaffeinated, devoid of sugar and cream can aid in weight loss & beneficial however as all things that's too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Here are the CONS of coffee:

- High In Acidity
- Like a 'Drug' (making you addicted to the effects)
So if coffee good or bad? Find out about it more in our upcoming 'Truths & Myths' On coffee or visit here, which is a in-dept write up on wikipedia.However here's an alternative you can immediately do to slowly cut your coffee intake:
- Take non caffeinated hot beverages like Tea.


3. Eat Healthy Fats:
Here's a list of Natural food you can eat to gain those healthy fats!

- Avocados
- Dark Chocolate (refer to label reading guide to avoid buying the "wrong" kind)
- Whole Egg
- Wild Salmon
- All kinds of Organic Nuts
- Chia Seeds
- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Coconut Oil
- Greek Yogurt


4. A good healthy alternative to "Alcohol"?

- Kombucha is a good source of probiotics which improve your gut health and regulate your digestive system
- It is quite rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
- Possessing strong antibacterial properties, Kombucha works mainly against infection-causing bacteria and yeast.
- It also works in preventing growth and spread of cancerous cells. Read this article here to understand whether Kombucha is suitable for you.


5. Drink '80/20' Nourishing Juices

Many people in the 1st world countries are UNDERNOURISHED. You must be thinking, oh, we eat well, we have food unlike the 3rd world countries, however let me ask you a question. How much Vegetables do you take in a year? A month? A Day?If your answers is, "Not so much".Well, you are NOT alone. Majority of us dislike the taste of vegetables, we can't ignore the fact that in order to sustain a healthy and nourishing body, we NEED at least 5kg of them daily. We are NOT COWs or GOATs and the best alternative? You drink it! Want to know how to make healthy vegetable juices that taste amazing?


6. Get Your Protein In Without Consuming Meat:

- Soybeans such as: Tofu, Tempeh, Edamame
- Lentil
- Chickpeas & most variety of beans
- Nutritional Yeast
- Ancient grains: Spelt & Teff
- Hempseed
- Green Peas
- Quinoa


7. Sleeping Early & It's Hidden Benefits

- Sleeping early is important whether you are a fully grown person or a teenager. The benefits of it are beyond imagination & here's the list!
- Protect the heart.
- Reduce the risk of cancer.
- Energy boost.
- Improve the immune system.
- Improvement in skin conditions.
- Control body weight.
- Confidence.Not sleeping well? Follow this guide here on the Top 5 ways to get deep sleep


Other ways in Boosting your weight loss results EVEN faster:


  • Exercise routine: Congratulations, if you are already an exercise junkie because picking any of the above Top tips while pairing it with exercise, your results will go tremendously FAST!
  • Start a juice cleanse: If you have heard that JUICING has TOO much sugar, chances are, you are doing it INCORRECTLY and that you should follow the 80/20 rule.


Find out how to do a correct juice cleanse here.

We don’t believe in fad/yoyo “diets” but instead believe that we should instead, EAT to become a better version of you, because “Food is Thy Medicine” Not the other way around where “Medicine is Food”

We trust this page serves as a Holy Grail in your body transformation journey. Pin this page! Save it down and this will definitely serve you well.




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